Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Wrap Up.

I am sitting on my couch typing and watching big fluffy flakes of snow fall.  I should be basking in its beauty but instead I am worrying that it is going to interfere with my New Year's Eve plans tonight. 

Before the year is officially over, I wanted to finish sharing the last two activities my family and I did for our 12 days of Christmas Challenge.* you can find what else we did HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

#11  Cookie decorating!!!  Ever since I can remember, decorating sugar cookies has been one of my favorite Christmas activities.  It really is a joy to share the tradition I loved so much as a child with my own children. Here is the recipe, I always use to make the tastiest sugar cookies.

#12  Attend a candle light Christmas Eve service.  This year we went to two!  The church we usually attend had a Christmas Eve--Eve service and then on actual Christmas eve we attended the church we used to go to for years.   Its very sweet to see my kids face a glow with candle light singing "Silent Night, Holy Night" and learning about what Christmas really is.


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