Monday, December 31, 2012

A Look back at the things that made 2012 Fabulous

1. January--  We gave Will his first "friend party" for his 4th birthday at Monkey Business! The kids are lucky to have so many friends to grow up with and it was super fun celebrating Will with them all.  Also, I joined Jazzercise!  One of the best things I've done for myself.. a FUN work out that really works.. its not all jazz hands and hip swivvles-- there is a lot of hardcore muscle and balance work involved.  I LOVE IT.

2. February-- I read all three books of the Hunger Games series on the Nook I received as a birthday present.. in a matter of a a couple days.. they are such good books, I might just need to read them again.  Also, we took the kids to Monster Jam, it was kind of a late birthday present for Will--they loved it!

3. March-- Spring break we went to Disney World, a very special gift from my mom and step dad!  Loved it, it would be my dream come true to be able to work at a Disney park as a character, I do a pretty mean Mary Poppins impression.

4. April--  I finally got a new lap-top and  re-launched this here blog and started to take it way more seriously.  Also in April I took a pin-up hair and make-up class put on by the ladies at Vixen Pin Up Photography--totally changed how I pretty myself up!

5. May--  My present for Mother's day was to get to shoot with Charlie  from Paper Moon Photography by Charlie Girl... this has become a mother's day tradition of sorts--the year before was a shoot with Vixen Pin Up Photography (that shoot produced my lovely header photo)

6. June--- most of June was spent at our local community pool that is in walking distance from the little blue house.  Friends, sun, and relaxation = a really good month.

7. July--  I started working (and getting paid)  for the first time since my daughter was born in 2003 at the cutest boutique in the world-- Retro Vixen!!  Also in July ---Family reunion/vacation to Wisconsin! Oh and my picture was published in The Cat's Meow magazine.

8. August-- I saved my hard earned money and treated myself to a dual photo shoot with Vixen Pin Up Photography and Switchblade Betties Pin Up Photography.

9. September-- GREASERAMA

10. October-- Halloween!!!!!!!!  I love Halloween!  I was soo in love with my costume this year!

11. November--  The thankfulness month!  This year I am most thankful for the new friends I've made this year--even though I've only known them for 6 months or so, they have become very close and very dear to me. Also in November, Geoff and I celebrated out 12th anniversary, and Shaylee's cheer squad took first place in BOTH the cheer and dance events at competition.

12. December-- I worked really hard to make the Christmas season memorable with my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge...and it was an  exceptionally wonderful Christmas.

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