Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Challenge Check in

We've been really busy trying to make the most of the holidays around here.. so busy I haven't had the time to sit down and blog about them! We left off at number 4,  so we will start this list at #5!

*I am also calling this my "5 things that made this week fabulous" for last week since these are the things I would list anyway.

5--  "The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to sing loudly for all to hear!"  I spent the day with my daughter, Shaylee and her choir as they toured around town singing their Christmas songs at different locations.  She is such a performer!

6--  The kids received letters from Santa in the mail, they are even postmarked from the North Pole!  Ever since their grandma did a traveling nursing stay in Alaska and visited Santa herself in North Pole, AK in 2006 the kids have been getting personal cards from the man with the beard himself!

7--  Geoff, the kiddos and I went on our annual trip through the city to see some of our favorite light displays, and ended the night with Hot Chocolate from Starbucks.

8--  The kids learned a little about giving back as they rang bells for the Salvation Army for a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon.

9-- I got together with some of my best girlfriends and we all made home-made spa products to share and give as gifts.  I brought a recipe for home-made cinnamon oatmeal milk bath, it was so simple to make that I decided to make more for the kids' teacher gifts.

10-- My favorite new tradition that we started last year-- Christmas caroling with our dear friends that live in our neighborhood! If I am counting right, we had 19 kids in our group and 15 adults--quite a group!!   Geoff played guitar and the children loved to sing and spread the joy of a sweet Christmas surprise to those we visited. 

 Wow! Can't believe I'm already up to number 10!!  This month has been crazy busy, but I have enjoyed taking the time to remember to do the special things of the holiday season!  Only 2 more to go, that should be easy-- I might even make it to 13!

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