Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

It's Okay That....

...I am just now getting my Christmas decorations put away (isn't there something about 3 kings day anyway)

... I might enjoy the Glee karaoke Wii game my daughter got for Christmas more than she does

...I think my husband needs to plan a date (including the daunting task of finding a sitter) once a month, (am I asking too much?)

... I am secretly counting down the days until The Bachelor starts again (Trashy Reality TV at its finest)

... I pretended not to notice my son sneak in the cabinets to get  a left over pixie stick from my Honey Boo Boo Halloween costume... some days I am just too tired to fight and say "NO! eat some carrots or a banana!"

...Some days I dress as 100% rockabilly/vintage/pin-up glam, and sometimes I dress like a typical suburban housewife (my life is multi-faceted, so is my wardrobe)  Some people actually expect to see me in red lipstick and victory rolls every day.. I wish I could but its too much work

...I took an hour to paint pictures with my daughter today instead of sitting down to pay bills or do laundry

...I am posting the picture below just because it's cute but didn't make the cut for the original blog post it was intended for

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