Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: 2013 Wardrobe Wish List

It is the first Wednesday in 2013!  Today for "Wardrobe Wednesday" I thought I would share with you some wardrobe goals for the year!  I am an avid thrift store and clearance rack shopper, but I think its okay to reward myself with a few really great pieces of clothing every now and then.  Last year, I hoped to acquire a dress made by Hell Bunny as well as Pin-Up Couture and I did, and they are my favorite dresses. 

For 2013 I would love a great pair of shoes by Bait Footwear... maybe a pair like these

I would love a beautiful dress from  Bettie Page Clothing/ and or Trashy Diva  and something amazing from the PinUp Girl Boutique that I will be visiting this summer when we travel to Southern California to visit family.

I love this skirt by Bettie Page Clothing, It would be so versatile

This Trashy Diva dress is just plain gorgeous
This Pin Up Couture dress has adorable embroidered mermaids on the shoulders.

I also will need a new killer swimsuit, especially for my summer vacation to California.  I would love one of  these custom made to order suits by Vintage Suits By Mary, they are made to fit according to your measurements and they come in a ton of fun fabric choices.

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