Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday #2 "Let's set Sail"

"Let's set Sail  Ensemble"

I LOVE this outfit!!! I actually found the amazing vintage skirt last year  and never had the right top to go with it, I was drawn to it because I loved the chino-type fabric and it's slight nautical feel . I finally found something that looks cute with it and it's becoming one of my favorite things to wear!!  This is one of my most original, unique outfits, and one of my most budget friendly, since most of it was thrifted.  I love clothes that some people might adore and others might find slightly strange or obnoxious.  I am guessing the skirt is from the late 70's or early 80's, it came with a strippy-ropey belt thing that I chucked to the side and exchanged for a little red skinny belt, because I was going for a more 50's era look. 

I found the light weight navy cardigan* at Old Navy, it was a super find, because I have been looking for an inexpensive classic shaped. light weight,  NAVY cardigan for a looooong time.  I picked up a red one too, because a red cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe and my other two are starting to fade.  The striped  tee was also found at Old Navy for a clearance sale steal of a price!!  I love Old Navy for basic layering pieces!
*To snag your own cardigan, click here.

For accessories,  I paired my very own Mavyn Made hair flower, with a gold necklace with a bow shaped pendant, and of coarse the red belt! Finally, I slipped on some tan, peep-toe, sling backs*  and I was good to set sail, or go to lunch and shopping with a friend. 
*Click here for more detail about the shoes

Here's the Budget Breakdown for this outfit... its one of the cheapest, since most of it was thrifted!

Old Navy Cardigan- $19.99 , but used a 20% off coupon so only $16.01
 Old Navy T-Shirt- $5.98, plus 20% coupon so  $4.79
 Thrifted Skirt- $3.99
Thrifted Necklace $4.99
Thrifted Belt $2.99
Thrifted Shoes $8.00
Mavyn Made hair flower- Free for me, since I made it, ha!

Grand Head to Toe Outfit Total: Only $40.77!!!

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