Thursday, May 10, 2012

A date with a younger guy...

Last Saturday I had myself a hot date with a younger man!  He has gorgeous big brown eyes, sandy blond hair and is about 3'8"tall.

He's pretty cute... this is Will, my 4 year old stud!  He wasn't doing the potty dance, he was trying to model his super cute "Hipster meets Prep" outfit.  Black Converse shoes, pin striped skinny pants from H&M, Chambray shirt from Target and Skull and cross bones tie from Old Navy.. my boy has mad style.

After our little cell phone photo shoot in the front yard, we headed to our local Chick-Fila.
Chick-Fila is Will's favorite eatery and they happened to be hosting the very special, "Mommy/Son Date Knight"  event.   The restaurant was transformed into something a little more fancy with  valet parking, table cloths, and servers and food served on a plate instead of a bag. They had a real Knight in shining armor walking around, and each little guy got to decorate his own knight sheild.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics from the inside... I got carried away gazing into the eyes of my date and explaining why he couldn't go into the play place this particular night.

While waited for the arrival of our chick'n strips and grilled chick'n delux we headed for the free photo booth ... photo booths are always a good time.

What's a date without something sweet to end with?  Fro-Yo time!  We made the biggest yogurt sundae and shared it at Orange Leaf.... YUM.   

 I love getting one on one time with each of my kiddos. I must remind myself to "date" them more often... And to enjoy some Fro-Yo more often, cuz it is goood.

Lucky me, the date ended with a sweet kiss.

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