Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maiden Mavyn Voyage

Originally written 2/22/2010

I have already fantasized every word I would say to Oprah as she interviewed me via Skype. I would be featured on a show celebrating the stay at home mom’s who found a way to make it big. I of course made it big by becoming the author of a wildly popular mommy blog; earning a cozy six figure salary by simply typing out the goings on of my mommy life.
It would go something like this:
OPRAH: Welcome! Devyn Lundy is the author of the popular blog, “”. Devyn its such a pleasure to have you on the Show!
Me: Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I am actually talking to you Oprah! I DVR you every day!
OPRAH: Now tell me, what inspired you to begin
ME: Well actually, my friends. I have always had tons of funny stories about my family to tell, little money saving tips to give, and fun easy recipes to share. One of my best friends, the now famous DJ , Jenna Lucas told me one day that I HAD to write a blog. Her husband just happened to be a web host we went back to her house and he created the website that night!
OPRAH: And how did you think of the title, “Mavyn Mom”
ME: Well, obviously first and foremost in life my job is being a mommy and a wife, hence MOM. The word Maven has always been one of my favorite words.. its kinda like a Diva with Influence… I feel that describes me, we changed the E to a Y because of the way I spell my name D.E.V.Y.N.
OPRAH: Diva with Influence, I like that! What is the number one thing you hope your readers get from reading mavynmom?
ME: I really want the minute or two my readers stop by my site to be a little cup of gatoraide in the middle of their crazy hectic day. Stay at home mom’s are like marathon runners, they just have to keep at it , changing diapers, minivan carpools, taking the kids to dance, teeball, soccer, prepping dinner, helping with homework, laundry, making cupcakes all the small little things necessary to raise little humans. I want to be there for them on the side line with my little cup of gatoraide as they pass.. sometimes its inspirational, sometimes a giggle, or sometimes a place to vent, but its always refreshing!
OPRAH: I’ve always said, ” When done well, being a stay at home mom is the world’s most difficult career!” Thank you for celebrating that! Best Wishes to you!
Okay, does anyone know how I can come up with a few hundred thousand readers, and some companies to pay me to advertise on this website? I don’t have much time to make my dream come true, this is Oprah’s last season, and they are probably only filming for a few more months! Seriously though, I am very excited about this blog, I am really hoping to pour myself into every post! I hope you enjoy it!

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