Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big Truck

Originally written, 3/30/2010

Will, my little man, is a spitfire and gives new meaning to the phrase “all boy!” I have never seen another two year old boy filled with as much testosterone as this kid. He is an alpha puppy! He likes to hit, kick, jump, throw balls, run, and do all things dangerous.
Will turned 2 years old at the end of January. Turning two means my baby boy is transforming from a toddler to a preschooler, and that means this year we will be diving into the oh so fun world of potty training. Potty training my little man’s man should be pretty interesting. Today we made our first huge stride.
Will has been waking up with dry diapers for about a week, this morning I put him on his little Winnie the Pooh potty chair and after a few chants of singing “let’s go pee, let’s go pee, let’s go pee in the potty!” He actually did it! I was proud, he was prouder! Bodily functions are sooo exciting during the potty training phase!
Training a boy is a little trickier than training a girl ( I have experienced girl-training with my daughter.) I don’t know if one sex is the easier or not.. but the mechanics of getting the boy parts pointing the right direction is a bit complicated! This morning as Will and I were taking the leap into the no-diaper future we had a little conversation on what exactly we should call his man parts. He was confused when I said “go pee pee in the potty,” he called his thing pee pee, and didn’t understand that two different things could be called the same. I read in a parenting book recently that parents should teach their children at an early age the proper terms for their privates. So I said to Will, “you can call that your penis!”
He replied to me, ” Penish?”
I said, ” Yup!”
He thought for a while and said, ” I call it Big Truck!!! VROOM VROOM!”
I laughed so hard! That little boy is the funniest kid! So I told him, ” point your big truck in the potty and go pee!” and he did! I should have known that my little alpha puppy would come up with a creative nickname for his manhood, I just never thought he would at age 2! Times like these really make me love being a stay at home mommy!

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