Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clothe your Kids for FREE

Originally written 3/17/2010

Twice a year I bury myself in piles of out grown children’s clothes, and mountains of toys that are no longer played with. I get callissed thumbs from the never ending pinching of safety pins and stretching of tiny tops over wire hangers. My guest bedroom looks like a dumping ground for unwanted junk. But.. this is NOT junk… these disheveled stacks are actually stacks of GOLD!
Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of kids consignment sales!!! These are NOT the typical year round consignment shops that pay you when your stuff sales at a small fraction of what they sold them for.. these are much different. The kind of sale I am talking about springs up in a big facility for only 3 to 5 days– they provide you with a ton of eager shoppers and huge opportunity to get your stuff sold! In these sales, you are responsible for pricing and hanging your items— you set the price! You get to charge much more than you could at a garage sale, and you keep 70% of the profits from your sold items! You do the prep work, but after that the consignment sale organizers take over, you drop off your stuff and in a few days pick up your check and anything leftover.
I am in the middle of prepping all of my unwanted and outgrown kiddie cast offs right now. This my 4th time being a consignor! Every other time I have made around $400, I think I will make about the same this time! There are 2 consignments a year (spring and fall) and that gives me about $800 in earnings!! Hello! This is how I keep my kids dressed and looking cute as can be for FREE!!!! $800 is more than enough for a yearly clothing budget for my two small kids— especially when using my mad bargain shopping skills (but that’s a whole other blog topic!)
I love staying at home with my kids but living on one income is a challenge. I take pride in contributing any way I can to the household budget.. consigning is a simple way to do it! Try it! There are sales in most areas– do your research and find one! If you are in the Kansas City area, check this one out:

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