Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Grade Diva

Originally written 3/4/2010

My daughter, Shaylee, was born two weeks late. It was the end of July and the middle of a record heat wave. The Doctor finally had to take her out via c-section. No one was going to prompt her to do anything she didn’t want to do.. not even be born. I knew my daughter was a diva when she was still floating around in a pool of amniotic fluid in my huge belly. To this day, she is still a diva.
This afternoon I went up to the elementary school to pick Shaylee up, like I do every day. Today however, her first grade teacher, Mrs. “B,” had to inform me of how terrible my daughter has been acting the past few days. Apparently Shaylee is, “whiney, sassy, disrespectful, and unwilling to follow directions.” Wow!! That is sooo fun to hear! I said a sincere, “sorry,” and took my little diva home.
First grade has been a huge pain in my rear!!! I had reservations about Shaylee’s assigned teacher at the beginning of the school year, but I looked past them. I wish I would have put her in a different class. Shaylee has butted heads alllll year with Mrs. B. I know my diva daughter can be a huge sass-a-frass, but sometimes I think a kid deserves a break. She gets in trouble for everything from not sitting in her chair correctly to not grabbing her back pack fast enough. She is rearely rewarded for good behavior or work, but always told when she is messing up. Poor Mrs. B has has choose to fight so many little battles that now she has lost all control over the diva, and the diva has unleashed her full arsenal for war.
I took away Shaylee’s Wii privileges and even discussed what Jesus would want her to do versus the devil. Ahhhh!!!! What can I do? How can I control how my kid acts when I’M NOT THERE. I can’t. I feel like telling Mrs. B, “sorry, you got yourself into this!” Shaylee had no problems getting along with her preK teacher or her kindergarten teacher.. but for some reason she likes to do everything Mrs. B doesn’t want her to do. But hey, its March, we only have to endure first grade for another 2 months!
When second grade comes, if I have reservations abouth the teacher… I am listening to my gut!

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