Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Class, Second Hand

Originally written 9/6/2010

I love to shop. I love expressing myself through fashion. I love buying clothes that make my husband look hot. I love dressing my kids in style savvy little wardrobes. The problem is –I don’t earn any cash… I would say I don’t work.. but I am a stay at home mom.. and we all know that is work.. if you don’t think that’s work.. I will write a blog about all my duties to prove my point… Ok.. back on track… Some ladies feed their love of shopping through gold cards and credit lines.. but I am a frugal fashionista and I hate debt.
The answer is– Second Hand shopping. Second hand isn’t just for kids’ gear.. its for us grown ups too. Especially grown ups on a limited budget, like me. Today I was almost as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning as I drove up to Savers (my favorite thrift store) for their annual Labor day 50% off sale. I was a woman on a mission to find “burried treasure.” Second hand shopping is alot like treasure hunting— I have to sort through a lot of junk.. but when I make an amazing find — WOW— endorphins are released and I experience a tiny little emotional high! Today I found some incredible treasures! An adorable little vintage-esque Chief’s jersey for my 2 year old for $1.50, A pair of -all they need to look brand new are some new laces- nike’s for my daughter for $3.00, a super cute Gap jean jacket for $3.50 for me, a brand new Billabong tee for my husband for $2.00…. and the most amazing treasure unearthed— a beautiful pair of Nine West knee high genuine leather platform heel boots for only $7.. the only thing at all wrong with them is a teensy tiny scratch near the toe on the left boot. Seriously those boots would have retailed for well over 100 big ones!!!
If thrift store shopping isn’t your thing… another amazing second hand shop is Plato’s Closet… I bought an adorable Free People dress for only $8– although that was their clearance price. Plato’s feels like any other mall boutique.. and they only take name brand and clothes from popular stores like Abercrombie, Forever 21, and Hollister. Everything is clean and organized and you can find some amazing bargains. Not only can you find great things to buy there, Plato’s will BUY you’re gently used clothes from you! I took a big bag full of clothes in and walked out with 70 bucks in my pocket.. not too shabby.
Another option is Ebay. I have been jonesin for a North Face Jacket for years. My husband and I are planning a week romantic getaway to the mountains this November for our 10th anniversary… I thought to myself , “OK.. here is my reason to NEED a North Face fleece!!” I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and tried on some jackets that I loved.. but the one I wanted was $140… um NOOOO, not in the budget. So, I ebayed and found the same thing only worn a few times in amazing condition and only paid $36 after shipping.
I Love second hand shopping. Not only is it super exciting, and money saving, its good for the environment. Being Green is so trendy these days. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle people!!! Purchasing second hand is definitely being resourceful.
I say, give it a try. If done right.. No one will know you’re purchases came from more humble beginnings. I am complimented all the time on my outfits.. especially the one’s that I’ve found second hand.. they are always more unique and rarely does someone have the same thing!
Here are some of my favorite places for First Class Second Hand Shopping:
Children’s Orchard–
Plato’s Closet–
Arizona Trading Co.– (816) 960-0200
209 Westport Rd Kansas City, MO 64111

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