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Originally written on 11/30/2010

Recently my husband and I got to go away for a week together with NO kids!!! It was amazing. My mom stayed with my kids while we were away so I had to leave her very detailed instructions. I didn’t realize there was anything funny about it, but when my husband printed them off at work, his coworkers got a kick out of it.. so I decided to share it with all of the wonderful people that happen to read my blog.
Kid Instructions
Wake Shaylee up by 7:15am. Do not send her to school in any pants that have buttons or zippers… she will leave them undone and have her butt hanging out all day. Make sure she brushes her teeth.. if you don’t tell her to do it, put the paste on the brush and hand it to her—she won’t do it. School starts at 8:15am…. I try to have her there by 8 so that she has plenty of time to get to class, hang up her coat and backpack, and do her “attendance work”… and the earlier you are, the smaller the line to drop off is.
Make Will go POTTY as soon as he wakes up… if he wakes up in the night… make him go potty… then he should still be dry when he wakes up… he might say he doesn’t have to go.. but he does.
After School:
School lets out at 3:40pm. I leave the house at 3:30… so that I can get a parking spot. The teacher must see you in order for Shaylee to be released. Shaylee’s class comes out the middle doors… not the main doors… so I try to park in the East Parking lot…but it’s sometimes hard to find a spot… so parking on Elm street is a good idea too. I usually wait for Shaylee in the grassy area by the big tree… be aware when leaving that the parking lot and pick up/drop off lane is VERY HECTIC for about 5 to 10 minutes.
The first thing Shaylee has to do when she gets home is her homework. Homework is very important; If she doesn’t turn it in it will affect her grade. Make sure her completed work gets put back into her binder and backpack. Monday’s homework is the most important, it’s spelling. We do it as a pretest… you will have to cut off the list of words from the page, and then read them to her…after she is finished with the pretest, she has to write them an additional time, make sure she spells things correctly on the second part. Keep the typed list of words on the fridge… she must turn in the handwritten lists.
MONDAY— Shaylee has dance class from 7:00 to 7:50pm… make sure she has her dance bag with both sets of dance shoes… she can wear basically anything.. we usually do some kind of stretchy pant and a tee shirt.
***also the trash truck comes early Tuesday morning, so put it on the curb Monday night… the bins are on the East side of the house. The recycling bin doesn’t need to be put out, because it only comes every other week.
Our goal for bedtime is 8pm… to ensure Shaylee is asleep by 9pm. She can watch a movie on her TV. If she is in bed by 8:30
Shaylee needs a bath or shower before bedtime… and she still needs some help especially with hair washing… she doesn’t need her hair washed every night… but if she gets it wet… it gets washed. Don’t let Will and Shaylee take a bath together unattended… they are too interested in each other’s privates.
Make Sure Will goes Potty right before he goes to bed, and he needs to wear a pull up to bed (make sure his pee pee is pointing down.. if its pointing up—if he pees it will come out) He will ask you for Chocolate Syrup (chocolate milk) in bed, Don’t let him have it…or he will most likely wet the bed… even if he has a pull up on, it sometimes leaks out.
Will and the Potty:
Will is doing excellent with his big boy pants! When he wakes up put underwear on him right away (his underwear are in one of the canvas bins in his cubby, the other bins have pj’s and shoes) If he keeps a pull up on for too long even if it is dry it irritates his skin. ALWAYS MAKE HIM GO POTTY BEFORE YOU GO ANYWHERE. That is the number one rule. If you go somewhere, make him potty about once every hour… At home he is good at going himself, but he usually needs help pulling up his pants… but when out he forgets. Even if he says he doesn’t have to, make him try if its been an hour. I don’t recommend letting him have sippy cup of juice when going out… because the more he drinks the more he pees.

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