Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thankful It's the Weekend

This week has been a whirl wind.. so much going on and so much to do!  Here are some of the notable happenings from the week:

1.  My daughter Shaylee performed in her end of the semester theater class review of Sound of Music, she was a nun and a very cute one at that!

2. Shaylee also got to be in her school's spelling bee.. she placed in the top 5 of her entire school!

3.  I got to go on Shaylee's (it was a big week for her!!)  special chorus choir tour as a parent helper and spend the day watching her sing! 

4. I am super thankful that my stylist is also my friend, so when I forgot about my appointment to color my roots, he called me and still fit me in.. in spite of his busy schedule!

5.  I helped host a girly "Kansas City Pinup Girls"  Christmas Party.  So much fun to get dressed up and laugh and exchange gifts with good friends.

6.  I exchanged Christmas gifts with my best friend, I was excited to give her goodies, and I was blown away with the gifts she showered on me!  She gave me  three amazing eye shadow pallets that I have been drooling over for months.  She also gave me two adorable coffee mugs ( she knows how much a cute coffee cup can cheer me up on a bad day)  and some amazing holiday tea!  It feels good to get a gift that actually took a lot of thought, and memory of things I had mentioned I loved.  I have the BEST best friend!!! 

7.  I tried to throw my husband a surprise birthday "gathering" it wasn't really a party.. but it was a dinner outing with friends in honor of his birthday. His birthday is actually Christmas day.. so he always kind of gets the birthday shaft. I really wanted to do at least a little something for him.  Unfortunately, I sort of gave away the surprise an hour or so before we were supposed to leave... then the weather got HORRIBLE (freezing rain, and ice rink roads)  We had to drive a good distance to meet our friends, we made a wrong turn, and went about 10 miles out of the way, and then to avoid hitting another car that cut us off, we ended up sliding into a curb and breaking my hubcap.   Dinner was great, but we didn't get to go to the movie we wanted to because the theater closed down due to the horrid weather.  The drive home was one of the worst drives of my life!  Our car lost control on over pass and was sliding so close to the edge that just dropped off to a huge, steep embankment!!  We ended up just spending the night at my grandma's house instead of driving all the way home.  The thankful part of this.. is that we didn't die.. haha, and that my dog actually didn't poop in the house after being home alone over night.

Now, Christmas is coming!!!!  I have all my gifts bought!  Just have to do a little cleaning, a little wrapping, and a little cooking!  I hope you all have a great week, and a very merry Christmas!!

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