Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Red Trees/ Red Sweater

Summertime has definitely came and gone in Kansas City.  We are full on into fall, and actually Winter is peeping his head around the corner.   I have a tiny, tiny, closet so I have to make the most of the wardrobe I have in all seasons.  I like to challenge myself to make summer clothes work in cooler temps.  So today, I took my summertime capris into colder temps. 

This was the perfect outfit to wear on a lazy Sunday of lounging around and watching football on tv.  I typically don't wear sneakers or tennis shoes very often (unless I am working out.)  When I do, my go-to shoes are my red converse.

The cardigan was just something I picked up at a thrift store for basically free.  I made it a little more fun by adding on some iron on patches that I got from a craft store for $3 for the pack.  My fun necklace was a gift from my best friend that she ordered from the cutest etsy shop, I SEW CUTE.

The trees totally matched my outfit! 

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