Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful It's the Weekend

What a week!!  I can't believe it is already November!  This year has really flown by, it seems so strange to me how time seems to move faster and faster the older I get. I remember being a child and the time elapse between Halloween and Christmas seemed like an eternity, now a whole year goes by in a blink!!  That reason is just one of the reasons I blog, so that I can take the time out to document and remember the little things of each week of the year that made life a little extra special or sweet because sometimes those little things are easy to over look or to forget when we get so distracted by the day to day hustle and bustle. 

1.  Monday my awesome best friend scored free movie tickets to a pre-screening of the move "About Time"   and she chose me as her date.  The movie was amazing, it had such a sweet message about what the key to happiness is, that its not money, or power, or success, but love and relationships and seeing the beauty in seemingly ordinary things.  It should hit most theaters this coming Friday. I highly recommend this film... but make sure you come prepared with a Kleenex or two in your pocket, it really pulls at the heart strings so you may need to wipe away a couple of tears.

2. Tuesday I got to go on Kansas City's NBC station's morning show, Kansas City Live, with my super fabulous hair stylist friend, Joey Figueiredo .  Getting to be a part of a live tv show is such a fun exciting experience. I am lucky that I have got the opportunity a handful of times.. all because of Joey who is the "Official Stylist" of the show, and he's a super great friend, so I am just lucky to know him all together.

3. Halloween is always one of my favorite times of the year. We had a great Halloween trick or treating with our wonderful group of neighbor hood friends and their families.  I love the community I have found and the relationships I have made in my neighborhood, and I love that my kids are growing up with such great memories with all of these people.

4. Friday night out with my best friend, to an art show (that featured photos that she modeled for) and cocktails on a heated patio!  I am so thankful for my relationship with her.  It's rare for me to find a friend that I can connect with on all my weird, unique, and different levels, and her and I click on all of them.  

5. I've been missing my family a lot lately. This Fall so far has been really hectic, my kids have activities 3 school nights a week, my husband works late at least once a week, I usually have one or more events to attend, and I was working a couple nights a week at a boutique.  The evenings have been far to rushed for my liking and although I am home a lot during the day when my family is at school and work, I have been away in the evenings when they are home.  So, I decided to quit my week night boutique job because I felt the costs far outweighed the benefits.  I will miss it, but I feel good about having more time with the most important people in my life.  I know I made the right decision and I feel good about it!   I also know that every ending is followed by a new beginning, so I am excited to see what is around the corner for me!

6. Finally, and being from Kansas City I have to mention this, The KC Chiefs have a 9-0 record!!!



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