Monday, November 18, 2013

Mavyn Moms and Pinup Pals : Lilly Love Lee

1.  Tell me a little about your children (names/ages/fun facts) 
 I have a beautiful 17 year old daughter, we will call her "Lolli Love Lee" ;-) She is currently in her senior year. Lolli is extremely artistic, she always has been. I can't even begin to count how many table tops were ruined because of art projects and I wouldn't have it any other way! Lolli is also very funny. She has sarcastic humor that will surprise you! My little angel has always had a mind of her own, even at a very young age. She is such a sweet compassionate soul! I can remember taking her to the park when she was 3 years old and she followed a younger little girl around the playground with her hands out, just in case she fell. I have never been  more proud of anything in my life than this young lady. Just watching her grow, learn and develop into a woman is the most amazing thing I have ever been part of. I love her bigger than the sky ;-)
2. How long have you been involved in the pin-up community/ taking pin-up photos?
 This last January was my 35th birthday and I felt like I wanted to do something special for myself. It's funny how you can get caught up in life and forget yourself. Like many other Mom's and Dad's, I am a single parent. Things get crazy! For many years I have worked full time and went to college as well as raise my daughter. On top of that, both my parents have had severe health problems and have needed assistance as well. Everything from personal care, lawn work, help with bill paying etc. I am happy that I could and can help them, myself. Despite all the things that were happening in my life I wanted this birthday to be special. There was something about getting to the other side of 34 that shook me up a bit.  I have been a fan of Autumn Luciano's work for quite some time so I booked myself a shoot, it was at Gas Axe Garage. This shoot was my Pandora's Box! I was hooked after that. I ended up sending some of the picture's from this shoot to Lush Kitten's Magazine and they were published. I am thankful to June Storm for making that happen!
3. How has being a pin-up affected your parenting ?
Pin-up has a positive affect on my parenting for several reasons. I believe pin-up is such an excepting genre of modeling. It doesn't matter what size you are, if you have piercings or tattoos. It focuses on the fact that all women are beautiful. This is important to teach my daughter. Society is so tough on kids, especially girls. There is an endless amount of judging in this world. I use Pin-up to show my daughter that you don't have to look like the girl on the commercial to be beautiful. There is not a cookie cutter that defines pretty. Pin-up helps to build confidence, I know it has for me. I can't think of a more important trait to teach my daughter than to be confident in yourself. It's also vital to show with my actions that taking care of myself and my needs is important too. My daughter likes the fact that I do Pin-up and has told me she is proud of her mom.   
4.  Has Pin-up brought any obstacles to your mom life?
I have not experienced any obstacles in my life as a result of Pin-up.
  5. Tell me about the photos you chose to share... why are they your favorite?
The photo where I am bent over fixing my shoe in the car-
This was from my first photo shoot at Gas Axe Garage. I was such a nervous wreck! I asked my sister to come with me and I am so glad she did. It took a while but I eventually relaxed a little, thanks to my sister and Autumn. I chose this picture because it was from the first shoot and the fact that when I saw it, I was thrown off a bit. I was like whoa, that's me? I just wasn't used to seeing myself dressed up. I wear make-up daily but it's minimal. I was used to seeing myself in jeans or scrubs for work. To make a long story short, this was the day Lilly Love Lee was born <3
Photographer-Autumn Luciano
MUA-Frankie Louveles
Hair-Kelly Swanson
The photo with my daughter wearing hats-
I chose this photo because it is a peek at the silliness and fun I have with my daughter. We were out shopping just goofing around and took this picture in the store. I love this silly girl!!!
The photo laying down with my legs up-
This one I picked because of the silly face I was making. I don't like to take myself too serious and this is a friendly little reminder. I also really like humor in pictures.
Photographer-Autumn Luciano
MUAH-Kelly Swanson
Kitchen Picture-
This is a picture that was taken when I attended a Pretty Things Academy class. These classes are put on by Go-Go Amy. However, Frankie Louveles was the instructor the day I attended. They teach the pin-up basics like make-up, hair, posing etc. It was a great experience. This is my first time doing my own make-up for a photo shoot.
Photographer-Autumn Luciano
Hair-Frankie Louveles
Make-up-Lilly Love Lee
6. Do you have any words of wisdom to share with other pin-up moms out there, or maybe some ladies that are considering getting involved with pin-up?
To the ladies thinking about getting in to Pin-up I have three words for you, just do it ;-) If anything, just do it for yourself. It's an awesome experience to have and a whole lot of fun!! The pictures are something that you will have forever, as well as the memory. You can also make some great friends in the process, I know I have.
For the Pin-up moms, have fun ladies and keep doing your thing! Don't forget to be supportive of one another!! I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but sometimes in this industry ladies can be catty. This is sad and quite frankly the opposite of what Pin-up stands for. Please don't lose site of the importance supporting other pin-up ladies. Don't talk down about other ladies either. We all need to understand that we are better when we work together and bring each other up ;-)







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