Monday, October 14, 2013

Mavyn Moms & Pinup Pals: Brittany Munson

Photo by Switchblade Betties  MUAH Cherry Dame
1.  Tell me a little about your children (names/ages/fun facts) 
  Aidan is 7 and he is second grade.  He is CRAZY about Legos and loves creating his own designs using them.
2. How long have you been involved in the pin-up community/ taking pin-up photos?
I've been in the pin-up community about 3 years, I got a late start.  I didn't start going to shoots until after I had Aidan.  It's been fun and a wonderful experience.
3. How has being a pin-up affected your parenting? 
I feel like I am more open minded about what Aidan sees as far as photography.  I explain to him that it's a form of expression and show him where it came from.  I don't believe that he would have seen that other wise. 
Photo by Dynamite Dames  MUAH Cherry Dame
4.  Has Pin-up brought any obstacles to your mom life?
Getting to and from shoots while he is in school has been tricky, I have to work that around his school schedule as well as my work schedule. 
5. Tell me about the photos you chose to share... why are they your favorite?
I just love the photos I shared with you.  I'm not really sure why, I just feel good about them.
Photo by Switchblade Betties  MUAH Cherry Dame
6. Do you have any words of wisdom to share with other pin-up moms out there, or maybe some ladies that are considering getting involved with pin-up? 
Do it!  It's fun and you only live once!  Make sure you have a good support 'team', whether it's your partner, family or just some really good friends; if it's something that you want to do then they should support that!

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