Monday, October 28, 2013

Mavyn Moms and Pinup Pals: Miss Yvonne

Photo by Vixen Pin-up Photography MUAH Nikki Moreno Whipple

1.  Tell me a little about your children (names/ages/fun facts) 

 I am a proud mother of three.
Lars is 10 years old. He has Autism. He dresses up as a mini Jack Sparrow for the Kansas City renaissance festival. He  has come soooo very far since he was diagnosed at age 3.  He did not speak until age 3 1/2. He is a technology whiz (his mom is not, haha). He is now at a public school instead of a school just for autistic children. I love him very much & am so proud of him.
Xavier is 6 years old. He is Mr. Popular at his school, which makes my husband & I happy since we were both outcasts. He loves artwork & Legos. He is a very Spiritual little boy.
Asa is 3 years old.  He loves mama very much. He loves super heroes and likes to dance. He has a smile that will melt you.


2. How long have you been involved in the pin-up community/ taking pin-up photos?

 I started posing with hot rods in 2008.

3. How has being a pin-up affected your parenting ?
 I never allow my children to be photographed with me if I'm working. I keep my professional life separate from my family life. This is why I have a tumblr & no Facebook.


4.  Has Pin-up brought any obstacles to your mom life?

    Not everyone knows that I'm a pin up, however I do notice that I get looked at differently than most moms. Lots of whistles even when I'm out with my kids. Sometimes it is hard to make friends with other moms.

Photo by Vixen Pin-up Photography MUAH Nikki Moreno Whipple

5. Tell me about the photos you chose to share... why are they your favorite?
 These photos are some of my most recent. I think I look like a dream in the latex dress.  The one of me in the girdle is my favorite. I also included a candid photo of me at home.


Photo by Vixen Pin-up Photography MUAH by Nikki Moreno-Whipple

6. Do you have any words of wisdom to share with other pin-up moms out there, or maybe some ladies that are considering getting involved with pin-up? 
My advice is keep your work separate from your family & live your dream.
Being a pin up is part of my vintage life. I started selling antiques in 2001. I live in atomic ranch. I also try to keep the past alive in my children so that they are aware that history is more than just a subject in school. I have been married for 11 years to a Buddy Holly look alike. He is Railroader & part time musician. 

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