Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Online Bargains

This week, let's talk online shopping, acutally online BARGAIN shopping.  The internet is such a great place to find unique things at great prices, where else can you access thousands upon thousands of retailers in a matter of moments?  Obviously, eBay and Amazon are great places to start, you can find amazing gently used items for tiny fractions of what they'd cost new.  You can also find many brand new items for far less prices than brick an morter retailers.  EBay sellers have far less overhead than a physical store owner, so they can charge less; and most Ebayers are privately owned mom and pop get-ups, so you're still helping someone put dinner on a plate and shopping small.

Another great resource is online swap groups and virtual garage sales.  There are many buy/swap groups on facebook that you can join and do business with other facebookers.  I would recommend joining a group that is highly regulated, only paying via paypal, and making sure the seller sends you an invoice-- for precautions.  Also its good to establish trusting relationships with the other swappers, so you all can feel good about your transactions.   The sweater I am wearing today came from an online garage sale that one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Kaelah Bee ran through her blog, Little Chief Honeybee. 

The blue rose skirt is a "Doris Skirt"  made by Pinup Couture, and retails for around $82.00.  These skirts are amazing quality and well worth their retail price, but I usually don't have that kind of money to spend.  I scored on eBay and found this skirt brand new with tags and paid only about $38 after shipping for it!
I paired it with a cheap tank top that I picked up at Wal-Mart  for only $5 and this cute navy and cream cardigan that I got from Kaelah Bee's online sale.  I paid only about $13 after shipping for the adorable sweater.
I threw on some easy kitten heel sandals that I paid only about $8 for at Payless after using a coupon they sent to my email!
Budget Breakdown:
Sweater-  $13 via virtual Garage Sale
Tank-   $5 via Wal-Mart
Skirt-  $38 via eBay
Shoes- $8 via Payless
Hair Scarf - $2 (Thrift)
The grand total of this outfit is only $66, which is still less than the retail price of the skirt!  Not too Shabby! 
What are your favorite online resources for bargains?


  1. This is such a lovely outfit combo....I love the whole outfit!! I never buy clothes retail, I always buy on sale or thrifted:)

  2. Thanks for the ideas, especially the virtual garage sells! As an avid bargain shopping myself, I found that shopping online offers a tremendous amount of deals that traditional retailers don't want you to know. Online bidding sites such as Ebay and Amazon are great. I recently discovered DealDash to find huge discounts as well.