Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thankful it's the Weekend

I missed posting this last weekend because I was out of town, celebrating the last few days of "freedom" of my bride to be cousin, Kelsey.  So this week's post might be a tad longer than usual as I combine hi-lights from the past two weeks!!!

1.  My husband received his family inheritance a little early... well at least some of it-- in the form of a 1966 Ford Mustang that has been in his family since 1974.  He is so excited to work on it and to show it off at car shows.  As a matter of fact as I am writing this, he is off working on the car's engine right now.

2.  A small visit from Grandma and Grandpa from California (as they brought the car to us.) We don't get to see our west-coast family very often, so when we do get to see them it is always a blessing.

3.  I found out that my favorite musician/rock star/performer Butch Walker is doing a show in my town coming up in November!!  The last time I saw one of his shows was all the way back in 2000! I am so excited to see him again!!

4.  A local pin-up photographer, Foxy Pinups was running a really sweet Amazon Local deal, and my step dad surprised me by purchasing one for me!  I have been wanting to work with Foxy Pinups for a long time and who doesn't like a surprise gift??!! 

5. A weekend getaway to a lake house, with lots of girls and lots of celebrating...

6. Both my kids (my daughter AND my son) started dance class this week.  Both of them are natural dancers and performers.  This year the studio my daughter has been attending for  years offered an all boys hip hop class and my son really wanted to try it.   Turns out he loves it and is really good at it!

7. I had a lovely Friday the 13th, shopping and having lunch with my bestie... and then we got a completely random, spur of the moment $13 tattoo! 

8.  It has been really hot lately, but this weekend the temperatures started to cool down just enough to be perfect.   I treated my kids to an outdoor patio lunch at a brick oven pizza place!  It was a lovely date!

Well, there is just a little bit of what made me smile these past two weeks.  What has made you happy?

Miss Sally, the Mustang and I

Randomness at its best

Lunch date with my two favorites

Bachelorette weekend

Butch Walker and I, 13 years ago

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