Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Take Me Away Tuesday -- Tavarua

Another new weekly feature I will be posting for a while is all about travel.  I grew up with a mom who loved to travel and made sure that my brother and I saw as much of  our own United States as much as we could by taking road trips every summer.  She even sent me on a group trip to Ireland when I was 16.   I absolutely love the adventure of seeing and experiencing new places.

Getting married and having kids at a younger age and living on a single income makes getting away to all the places I'd love to go pretty difficult. BUT that doesn't mean I can't dream... and share those dream destinations with you!  The world is a wonderful amazing creation, and there are so many places to discover from a few miles down the road to half way around the globe.   

In my new weekly, "Take Me Away Tuesday" posts I will be sharing photos and a bit of info of different places I dream of visiting someday...  hope you enjoy!

Up first is the beautiful Island of Tavarua

Tavarua is a beautiful heart-shaped (yes HEART Shaped.. seriously how romantic) island in  the Fiji islands.  The whole island is one big all inclusive resort.  I feel like it's basically what happens when luxury meets magic, like it is my idea of the real Never Never Land.   If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I would do is book a trip to this amazing destination! Please take me away to Tavarua!


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