Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Something Fancy?

When I chose this outfit to wear on a easy errand-running Saturday afternoon, my daughter asked me "Where are you going?" 
 I answered, "No where special." 
She replied, "Then why are you dressed so fancy?"

Its funny how that in today's typical suburban American world, a simple cotton skirt is considered "fancy."   I guess people are just used to jeans and t-shirts, or shorts and tank tops.  When this vintage  skirt was made, (in the late 50s or early 60s) this is what typical American women wore on easy errand-running Saturdays.  It's super comfortable, waaaayyy more comfy than any pair of jeans.. and more importantly it's fun!  

I got this skirt at my favorite Kansas City vintage store, Donna's Dress Shop.  Kansas City is a great place to visit if you love vintage shopping.. there are countless stores all within a few miles of each other with so much variety, and great prices! 

I am looking forward to seeing how I can style the skirt differently in the coming months, to make it work for cooler weather.  I plan on trying to bring out the purple details of the skirt more, and probably adding a sweater and tights.   With fall right around the corner, I am definitely thinking about reworking some of my favorite pieces so I can wear them all year long.

Hair Scarf -- Thrift
Shirt -- Sourpuss from Retro Vixen
Belt-- Thrift
Skirt-- Vintage from Donna's Dress Shop
Shoes-- Payless

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