Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday-- A Wild Hair

This week, instead of talking clothes... I want to talk about one of the most vital of all accessories---HAIR!!!  A hairstyle can make or break an outfit. A hairstyle can turn a casual dress into a more formal dress, or bring something dressy down to "every day" style.   I love experimenting with my hair, and wearing it in as many different ways I can think of--straight, curly, up, down, vintage, modern---whatever way--it's such a fun way to express myself.

If you think you can't style your own hair, you're wrong.  It just takes practice, and a little know-how.  You can gain the know-how from watching tutorials online.  Here is a LINK to some of my favorite beauty tutorials--you will learn a lot about hair and makeup from watching these. 

Just a few of the different ways I've worn my hair in the past 2 months

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