Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: My trip to the Mother Ship -- The Pinup Girl Boutique

I am writing this blog post from sunny, Southern California today.  I am having a grand time on vacation with my family. One of the perks of being married to a Californian is visiting the in-laws usually means a trip to the golden coast!

One of the things that I just absolutely had to do while we were here in So-Cal was to visit the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank, CA.  This boutique houses all of the brands that I love that are created for and by Pinup Girl Clothing (check their website--you'll die of the fabulousness.)   The store I work in, Retro Vixen, also tries to stock these brands whenever possible.  The clothes are super high quality, and designed and constructed in the USA.   I was super excited for a chance to see the clothes in person, rather than from my computer screen--to feel them, and to try them on!   Of course, another thing I was excited for was my chance to meet my girl-crush ( a lady I look up to a whole bunch) Miss Doris Mayday!

First, The store itself is beautiful. There are beautiful touches everywhere, from the chandeliers to the subtle glittery flecks in the floor, to the vintage lady head vases sitting on shelves.  My favorite decorations were the enormous framed prints of some of the beautiful photography by Pinup Girl Clothing's founder, Laura Byrnes.

Second, The Staff was amazing.  Doris greeted me when I walked in, like I was an old friend! The lovely, Margarita, was super friendly and answered any question I had and helped me find everything I was looking for.

The whole experience was beyond amazing.  I felt like I was welcomed back to the Mother Ship of the pin-up/retro-loving planet that I hail from. If you are a lover of pinup, rockabilly, and vintage-inspired fashions you need to make it to this store some day--no matter how far away you live.  It is the "Mecca" for us retrocentric ladies and we all need to make the pilgrimage home! 

After a great time at the Pinup Girl Boutique, I ventured out to more of the fine stores on Magnolia Blvd.  (AKA Retro Row)  The whole street was filled with amazing vintage shops and wonderful restaurants.  On the last Friday of each month all of the stores are open late and food trucks line the street for the area's monthly "Ladies Night Out."  I hope the next time I return I can bring my girls with me and we can experience a ladies night together!

Now On to what I wore to the shop:
I wanted to wear my favorite Pinup Girl Clothing skirt to the boutique, so I opted for my "Doris Skirt" in atomic print, a black tee by Sourpuss Clothing and my pink wedges by B.A.I.T. footwear.
I accessorized with this fun, personalized necklace by I Sew Cute, given to me by my best friend, Katty Delux.
This is what I tried on  (I wanted to buy them all, but I had to be budget minded)
The Harley Dress!  Loved!!!  Its so twirly, and I loved how it made my shoulders look! The fabric was amazing, beautiful print, slightly textured, and a perfect weight. I didn't buy this as the shop, but a day later I regretted not buying it so much, I went ahead and ordered it online.
Next, the Sailor dress!   The famous, Dita Von Tease, has been seen wearing this same dress--it's that fabulous! The dress is adorable and one of the company's best sellers.  I had to have it, bought it on the spot!
The Pinup Couture Luscious Dress in mint with Mira the mermaid.  I adore this dress!  I didn't buy it only because I already own a Luscious in a different color and I wanted two other dresses more.  I will have this dress someday though.. I will.. its too adorable not to be mine!
Finally,   Courtesan Dress in fetish print!  I loved this dress so much! It came home with me! The print has high heels, corsets, masks, gloves, and pinup girls but its small enough that you see the dress, not the print.  The black parts are a velvety texture! This dress is a fun sexy option for a night out! I cannot wait to take it for a spin!
I left the store with some fabulous dresses, a Pinup Girl Clothing "Made in the USA" t-shirt and the ladies at the shop were sweet enough to give me a "I Love P.U.G." tee as a gift.  With one more photo with Doris, and my bag of goodies, I was on my way. I had an absolutely amazing time! One of my most favorite of days!
If you haven't checked out yet.. do it now!  Go grab one of these amazing dresses, or some other lovely thing from their site.  If you're in Kansas City keep an eye out for more official Pin Up Girl Clothing to hit our racks at Retro Vixen in the future!

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