Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Bring it Down a Notch

I have a tendency to buy only clothes that I love.  Which is good, it shows I use restraint in my shopping habits.  My bank account and my husband appreciate this very much.   I  LOVE things that are more over-the-top, more glam, more eccentric--- and those are the things that I buy.  The problem with that is, I have very few clothing choices that are subdued and mellow... something that I can wear grocery shopping or picking up my kids from school.  So I am challenging myself and you to style my "fancy" clothes in a way that brings them down a notch for every-day kind of ware.

Last week, I showed you the Candy Skirt in black by Hell Bunny done up in full "pin-up" style. I wore a vampy top, a full petticoat, and a big vintage style hair-do.  This week I want to show the same skirt done in a more every-day more "modern-with-a-nod-to-retro" kind of way.

This time, I left the petticoat at home, and wore my favorite "dame" t-shirt, by Delicious Dames--an organization about improving body image and self esteem. My hair I let be down and natural and I wore a comfy pair of flip flops.  This is such a fun, comfortable, still statement-making outfit.. but definitely not over the top.

Here is the skirt styled in a more  pin-up-glam kind of way.
Thank you to my friend, Jamie Fitzgerald for snapping this beautiful photo
A side to side comparison--- how different each look is!!


  1. I love that skirt so much but never buy things like it as I worry I have nowhere to wear it, being a stay at home mum. But this post has shown me how I can wear it on a more everyday look. Thank you!!