Friday, July 26, 2013

Cover Feature: Lush Kittens PinUp Magazine

Recently, I had the honor of being featured on the cover and in a 4 page feature inside Lush Kittens Pin-up Magazine.  I thought I would share the article that was written about me as well as a inside look at the photos.   Pin-up "modeling" has become such a fun hobby of mine.  Definitely more of a "mavyn" hobby than a "mom" one... but we ladies can be both mavens and moms, right?  :)

Cover Photo by Vixen Pin-up Photography

Sweet, sweet summer time is the best time of the year as far as our cover girl, Devyn Beth is concerned.  Devyn Beth is an all American girl next door from the Sunflower State of Kansas.  She loves getting to be a stay at home mom to her children:  daughter-Shaylee , and son-Will. Summer is the greatest season for family time. From lounging at the pool with friends, to taking in an outdoor theater production, or hitting the highway for a great road trip get-away---there is always an adventure to be had.  Devyn’s plans for this summer include lots of pool parties,  lots of trips to her favorite ice cream parlor, and a family vacation to her husband—Geoff’s hometown  near   Los Angeles , CA.  She is looking forward to visiting the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank, CA and is hoping to meet her modern pin-up idol, Doris Mayday.  She also has some fun pin-up shoots lined up this summer with Vixen Pin-up photography and Dynamite Dames Photography as well as with  up and coming photographer and pin up model Rogue Radiance.   “ I am so excited to finally get to shoot with Dynamite Dames, I have been a fan of their work for many years now,” she said.  “Being the Lush Kittens Summertime Sweetie, has already made 2013 the best  Summer ever for me, anything else is just gravy.” says Devyn.

Photos by Vixen Pin Up Photography (bikini,) Paper Moon Photography by Charlie Girl (leopard,) and Switchblade Betties

Devyn got into the pinup scene in 2011.  “My husband booked a shoot with Kansas City’s own Vixen Pin Up Photography for my  Mother’s day present,  it was such an amazing experience for me.  When I got in front of the camera for the first time, it was like a light switch inside of me that had been off for many years was suddenly turned on,”  she told us.   Since her first shoot in 2011 she has worked with many photographers:  Paper Moon Photography by Charlie Girl, Switch Blade Betties. , Booker T Brown Photography,  and  Foxy Pinups by Hilary Hope Photography to name a few.  She dreams of someday shooting with Vestige Photography or Viva Van Story, “For me, these photographers are just outstanding!  Their work is impeccable,” says Devyn Beth. “The pin-up community is so much more than beautiful girls in photographs,” Devyn said.  “ I have been blown away by the network of friends I have made all around the United States and even abroad  through our mutual love for pinup and the vintage /rockabilly lifestyle.  I have met some amazing girls in this scene that have become my absolute best friends.”

Devyn Beth has always loved vintage and retro style and fashion.  She grew up garage sale shopping and was always drawn to the older items.  “I love a great vintage find. Weather it is something to wear, or something for my home,  a vintage piece speaks to me—it’s like they each have a past life with a story to tell,” she explains.    Devyn’s love for vintage and pin-up style isn’t  just reserved for in front of the camera---on any given day you can find her donning  victory rolls and red lipstick and wearing something that speaks to the fashion of the atomic era. 

When Devyn Beth isn’t chasing after her children, hunting down vintage goodies at a thrift store,  or prepping for an upcoming photo shoot,  you can find her writing for her blog  Mavyn Mom (  “ The idea of Mavyn Mom is that you can be more that “just a mom,”  in my early years as a stay at home mom,  I let myself get comfy in being drab and frumpy, and really in media  at the time that is how the stay-at-home-mom was portrayed a lot.   I wanted to live as a fashion maven, a style maven, and a maven mom and inspire other moms out there to as well… the Y in Mavyn comes from my name.”   Devyn is also handy with a needle and thread and enjoys making hair accessories  for her pin-up gal pals,  look for her goods at her etsy store:  MavynMade.
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