Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Never Give Up(on a dress)

In 2011 I got to shoot with Vixen Pin-Up Photography for my first ever pin-up style photo shoot.  I wore a dress from their studio's closet that I fell in love with. The color pink was bright like bubble gum, and the ric-rac trim made me swoon.   The photographer, Nikki, had mentioned that it was a Bettie Page Clothing brand dress that she had luckily stumbled upon at a local re-sale shop at a great price.

When I left the studio I could not stop thinking about that dress,  I scoured the internet searching to find this dress to buy online,  I Amazon'ed, I Googled, I Ebayed... I never found it.   I eventually gave up the search.

Last week, I was back in the Vixen Studio with my bride-to-be cousin, Kelsey.  My mom and I had treated her to a fabulous pin-up makeover and photo shoot with them and I came along to watch her transformation.  I noticed that pink dress hanging on the clothing rack.  "Oh you still have that dress, I loved it so much!  If you ever get sick of it and decide to get rid of, let me have first dibs on buying it!"  Nikki said, "Really?  I  was actually thinking of getting rid of it, the zipper doesn't work anymore so we never shoot in it."   **side not the dress is made of a super stretchy fabric that easily slides over my head, and a zipper is absolutely not necessary***   I said, "How much do you want for it?"  She said, "$15?"  I said, "Sold!!"

So the moral of this story:  never give up on fashion!  I always say, if I am meant to have something then I will have it, that it will become available to me and my budget some how some way... finally taking home this pink beauty really proved that theory... (even 2 and half years later!)

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