Thursday, June 20, 2013

Link up: Things I {Don't} Love Thursday

I love a good link up!  I stumbled upon this one and I fell in love with it's slightly snarky-ness. I also enjoy poking a bit of fun at myself as I am quite the quirky gal and I think its good to never take yourself too seriously.  Its also good to be honest about  things that just are not working in your life, on a serious note.  I believe this weekly post could lend itself to some humorous giggles as well to some deep soul searching...  I'm excited to dive in! So here goes my first "Things I don't love Thursday."
#1  Early Mornings---  the thing is, I really wish that I was a morning person. The truth is I have never been one, and I don't think I will ever be one.   I come from a line of non-morning-folk and my kids share the same trait.  I have been trying super hard this summer to get up and start my day at 7:30am (which I know, for most people that isn't even that early.)   I just prefer to get up at 9, if possible.
#2 Taylor Swift.  Not a fan, and I turn the radio station as soon as they start playing one of her songs.
#3 Elephants--not the majestic mammals of Africa and India, but the invisible kind that are in rooms; That weird energy when everybody knows there is something weird going on or an issue to be discussed. 
#4 Lauri--who hasn't been on Real Housewives of Orange County for several seasons, suddenly coming back on the show just to stir the pot and cause even more drama.
#5 My water bill.  It is $140 this month! Last month we had to replace our water heater because it was leaking badly, and this month's bill reflects all of that wasted water.
Well that's the end  of my not-loving list this week... how about you?  What are some things that you {don't} love?

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