Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Girls' Night Out (and it's Too Hot for Pants)

It's starting to really heat up here in Kansas City!  Which means I hate wearing pants, well, I kind of always hate wearing pants... but I really hate wearing pants in the summer heat.  Skirts and dresses are my best friends!

For girl's night out in late June I wore my black "candy skirt" by Hell Bunny my most favorite belt by Pin Up Couture and my super affordable $5 top from Walmart.   I was going for a fancier look so I wore a petticoat under the skirt to give it that full look. I think the outfit could easily look more modern and less pin-up/rockabilly by just removing the petticoat and styling my hair in a more modern way. This evening though was a special occasion, a first girl's night out of the *unofficial* Kansas City Pin Up Society, that Katty Delux and I are trying to organize.  The idea is to just give ladies a reason to dress a little more fancy and to hang out with other women who share similar interests.  The first one was really super fun!

Thank you to my friend Jamie for snapping this photo!
A group shot of all the fancy ladies
Thanks to Jaime for this photo too!
Interested in joining us for our next KC pin up Society outing?  Contact me via facebook (there is a link to the right)  I will be sure to get you an invite :)

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