Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thankful It's the Weekend

Summertime has already been a whirl-wind of activities and events, and I think each weekend from now until the end of July are already booked with plans! I am thankful I have such a fun, full life... it can get overwhelming having to fit several events in the same day but I much rather have it that way than not having anything to do!  Here are just a few things from this week that I'm thankful for:

1. Applebee's Kids eat free night (I may have talked about this in another post)  Nothing like getting to go out and eat some yummy food for a low price.  Especially in the busy summertime when there isn't always time for cooking (and cleaning up after.)

2. My friend, Katty DeLux and I attended a fundraiser burlesque show for the Just Off Broadway Theater. It was super fun and inspiring to see women not ashamed to do their thang and celebrate their bodies in such a beautiful artistic way.

3. My husband got to do a little Speaking engagement this week.  He was once a pastor and loves to speak in front of a group. I was happy that he got the opportunity to so something he loves so much again.

4. We had a Hawaiian luau theme at the boutique I work at, Retro Vixen, for our third Friday sale night.  I love to dress up and it was fun wearing a huge tropical flower shop on my head!

5. My BFF since 1997 and I got together and visited the camp that was the center of our teenaged lives back in the day for the 75th anniversary of the organization, YouthFront, that operates it.  We had a lot of fun talking with old friends and remembering all of the ways we got in trouble together.

This photo is from 1999 of my friend, Sandra (on the left) and I,  we found it at the camp reunion

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