Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MORE Goals and To-do's in 2013

Well, earlier today I posted 13 goals/resolutions for this year, I liked the idea of 13 because it goes along with 2013.. but as I thought more and more about what this year might bring, I thought of a few more things I would like to add to the list... so let's start this list at 14.

14. I would like to double the amount of blog followers I have on both google friend connect and facebook.

15. Go on a girl's get-away with  some friends

16.  sell more stuff on etsy and/or ebay

17. put money into savings each month

18.  clean out cabinets and line them with something pretty

19.  Go to some estate sales

20.  Complete at least 10 craft/sewing/DIY projects

Okay that brings the list up to 20!   I am really excited for all the things 2013 will bring!  2012 was an amazing year for me, it brought me new friendships and new opportunities that have really changed me for the better.  If 2013 is half as good, it will still be marvelous!

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