Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals and To-Do's for 2013

Here is a small list of 13 things I would like to see happen in 2013!  What are your goals?

1. See at least 10 movies in the  movie theater and not wait for them to come out on DVD-- a few I am looking forward to-- The Great Gatsby, Oz- The Great and Powerful, and Catching Fire.

2.  Actually try to execute at least 2 of the things I pinned on pinterest per month

3.  Have one of my pictures get into Atomic Bombshells and/or Retro Lovely Magazines

4. Go on more dates with my husband

5.  Run a 5k (ick I don't really want to but I want to know that I can)

6.  Be the best Maid of Honor ever  ( so honored my cousin, Kelsey chose me for her 2013 wedding)

7.  Perform some how, some way, on some stage

8.  Re-organize and add more shelves to my closet

9.  Drink a dose of  Apple Cider Vinegar every day (this will be a challenge during hot weather)

10.  Spend more one-on-one time with my daughter

11. Read at least 4 amazing pieces of literature

12. Get a "professional" blog layout re-do

13. Treat myself to a gourmet cupcake or fancy dessert once a month

*I thought of a few more to add to this list
click HERE to see numbers 14 through 20*

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