Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Kids can be Thrifty too

The pictures for today's post were taken before heading out to meet my family for Thanksgiving dinner.  My daughter, Shaylee, was looking super cute and joined me for some mother-daughter pics.  I realized that I had purchased all the pieces to her entire ensemble second hand so I thought, why not talk about her clothes too?

I am wearing  a jersey-knit leopard print blazer that is super comfortable and flattering, a good thing to wear on a day that was all about stuffing your face and stomach with deliciously rich food. Under the blazer, I threw on a red tank from Target, and some skinny-legged jeans tucked into my black leather nine-west via thrift store boots.

Miss Shaylee is rockin some brands that are popular with the fourth grade, tween crowd.  Her sweater dress is Justice, her leggings are Crazy 8, and her boots are Sketchers.  Of course, I didn't pay the  80+ dollars this outfit would have cost retail, because I purchased everything second hand.  The dress and boots from Savers, and the leggings from a kids consignment sale.  For the whole outfit, I  only spent around $12.  She looks adorable and no one would have a clue that her outfit was from a thrift shop.  If you're still un-convinced about shopping thrift for yourself,  try it out on your kids.   Children grow out of or ruin their clothes so quickly its a shame to waste tons of money on things that will only be worn for a few months.

Budget Breakdown:

My Outfit-
Blazer ---  Marshall's  $24.99
Tank ---  Target  $ 6.99
Jeans ---  Marshall's $16.99
Boots ---  Thrift $8.50

Grand Total:  $57.47  Not too shabby!

Shaylee's Outfit-
Dress ---   Justice via Thrift  $3.49
Leggings ---  Crazy8 via Consignment $2.50
Boots ---   Sketchers via Thrift $6.00

Grand Total:  Only  $11.99   Incredible!

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