Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Things that Made Thanksgiving week Fabulous

Thanksgiving Week!

1.  Geoff's and my anniversary was Sunday the 18th, I know I posted about it last week, but since it fell on a Sunday, I can post about it again... plus the pictures that were taken of us "kissing under the clock," (a fund-raiser for The Salvation Army) came back this week and I wanted to share them with you!
2. This school year's second quarter mid-term grades were handed out, and Shaylee's grades have really improved since the first quarter grades were handed out!

3.  Our Thanksgiving was a little different this year.  We joined my mom, step-dad, grandparents, brother, and niece at a local casino's buffet for dinner.  In addition to all of the traditional Thanksgiving fixins, they had all you can eat crab legs, and more desserts than I have ever seen.  The food was delish.  After for fun, some of the adults ventured into the casino, we were pretty lucky--my husband won $33.04 playing nickle slots, and my step dad (who treated all 10 of us to the meal) won enough money playing black jack to pay for the dinner!!  It was a good Thanksgiving, the only downside was--no leftovers.

4.  I couldn't resist hitting up at least one of the major stores for Black Friday shopping, there was nothing particular I needed to go hunt down, but Target had $8 waffle makers, and I have been wanting a waffle maker for a long time so I went.  I ran into a couple of friends, and was entertained by the craziness.  I picked up my waffle maker and a few gifts.  This was also the first Black Friday that I had to work (at a retail place no less)  but the rush of customers and selling adorable accessories and dresses all day was super fun... people really came out to support the store and it was the best Black Friday that the store has had.

5.  Saturday night, we decorated our Christmas tree!  The kids were actually sweet to each other.  We watched Elf and ate fresh-baked m&m cookies.  I think this is our best Christmas tree yet!

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