Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Hot Dress in Cold Temps

Back in August,* I debuted this dress.  I said, it could easily transition from a summer dress to something very appropriate for the cool weather months. *Click here to see the original post

The key to  cool weather dressing is layering of course.   I added a trusty turtle neck under the dress, and cardigan over it for texture and warmth, bringing it together with a faux leather belt.
 Instead of bare legs and sandals, I wore leggings and boots.
Topping off the look, is my favorite
 cold weather accessory, a warm hat.
All of the layers that I added to the dress, I already had hanging in my closet.  You might be surprised what new looks you can put together with the "old" things you already have... and  that costs nothing! Go and dig through closet and find something to old to make new again!

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