Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Summer Chic/ Fall Fab

Today is my daughter's first day of school!  Tomorrow is my son's first day of pre-school.   I am very happy about this!  Not only will I be getting  3 whole hours to myself each day, but the start of school brings the changing of seasons.  The past few days have had a slight briskness to the breeze and a reminder that Autumn is on its way  here.   Although, I am sure there are many hot days left--- there always seems to be a struggle between Summer and Fall that goes back and forth for weeks before Fall finally takes over. With this transitioning time, I am looking for wardrobe pieces that can transition to each season.  This dress I found is perfect!

This strapless cotton dress with a lace overlay on the skirt was on clearance at Donna's Dress Shop's big annual sale.  It has an aztec-ish embroidered design on the bust and a bright turquoise sash, that I tie in the front instead of the back.  I like to tie sashes in the front because it makes it easier to add a cardigan or jacket.  When there is a big tie in the back it tends to look like an odd lump under another layer.  Also, it's more comfortable when I sit down to not have a knot of fabric poking  me in the back.  I paired it with a very light weight crimson cardigan, a sweet hand painted wooden vintage necklace, and some gladiator-esque sandals.  All together the outfit has a very earthy vibe.

I am excited to style the dress again for cooler weather.  I can picture it with a cozy turtleneck, some textured tights and a great pair of boots.  What is in your closet that can transcend the seasons?  Give things a second glance, many times it just takes a quick accessory switch up to turn something from Summer Chic to Fall Fab. When the "high" temps start peaking in the 60s, I will show this dress again in a whole new light!


necklace detail


Budget Break Down:

Dress:  $28.99  Donna's Dress Shop Clearance
Cardigan: $9.99 Urban Outfitters Clearance
Necklace $12 Donna's Dress Shop
Shoes: $6.48  Savers Thrift

Grand Total: $57.46   Not too Shabby!

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