Sunday, October 21, 2012

5 ThingsThat Made this Week Fabulous

We are full on into October, my favorite month of the year.  I am loving the sunny and cool weather and the gorgeous colors of the the trees' changing leaves. The weather and nature alone are enough to make this week fabulous, but here is a list of 5 more things: :)

1. Sunday, I went with two of my lovely friends to the last day of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  So many fun things to see, like a giant captain kangaroo?
2.  The kids were out of school Thursday and Friday for parent-teacher conferences.  So, on Thursday we had a fun day out with my mom.  Grandma Beckie treated us to lunch with the dinosaurs at T-Rex Cafe, and then we did a little shopping. 
3. This Friday was the third Friday of October which means the boutique, Retro Vixen, that I work part time for was open late and running specials.  This month we celebrated Halloween early at Retro Vixen and we dressed up!  I love working the store on third Fridays, I get so see some favorite costumers and help match them to the perfect dress!  It's a good time!
4. I received some finished photos from a photo shoot  I did with Switchblade Betties Pin up Photography back in August.  I had been anxiously waiting for these for a while, so when I checked my email and found them in my inbox, I gasped with joy!  Here is one of the photos :)
5.  Saturday, my family made our annual trip to the Schaakes Pumpkin Patch!  It's one of my favorite traditions.  This year, I was surprised to find out the name of the farm that I have been pronouncing like "Shakes" for the past 5 years, is actually pronounced like "Shock-ies"  What a "shock."   We were lucky enough to run into my aunt, uncle, and cousins in a crowd of hundreds of people too! If you live in the Kansas City area or Lawrence or Topeka, KS  this is the patch to visit-- Free admission, lots of FREE play activities, and pumpkins are only 40cents per lb, we had 4 fun hours of entertainment for a mere $20 after purchasing our 50lbs of pumpkins.


  1. Love the new pin up!

    I'm amazed that I've never heard of Schaake's before, but thats a LOT of pumpkin.

    1. Thanks Terri, you should take your family to Schaakes such a fun place :)