Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Take Me Back Tuesday: My High School Journal

 The above sketch is a self portrait  that I recently found in my old journal from my junior and senior years of high school.  I didn't write typical diary-style entries in it. Instead, it is filled with prayers, poems, lyrics of my favorite songs, and lots of doodles and illustrations.  Some of the things that used to weigh heavy on my shoulders and stress me out back then seem so silly now.   I decided to share  one of my favorite entries, a poem  I wrote in December, 1998 when I was 17:
Don't worry, I will type it out so you don't get a squinty headache.

"T-Shirt and Leggings"

I am sitting home alone in my t-shirt and leggings
papers scattered about
hair in a sloppy pony-tail
Trying to write an essay, listening to music

My dog is on the floor in front of me, laying on a towel
He's got fleas, he's not happy
I'm not happy--
I'm sittin' here alone in my t-shirt and leggings

I am wishing I was on a bench on the plaza in a dress
with a guy-- a great guy-- a love
I'm wishing someone would call and whisk me away

I feel like Cinderella, pathetically waiting for
Prince-Charming to  rescue me
from a dull-drum life

I'm sittin' here alone in my t-shirt and leggings
I need to get out. I hate being here.
I want to fly away

My stomach is growling like a mad dog
I only had potato chips to eat today
I'm hungry, and mad-- PISSED OFF

I despise everyone out having fun--dressed up, eating good food,

Because it's Friday night and I'm sittin' here alone
pissed off, hungry, unhappy
wearing my t-shirt and leggings
with my dog who has fleas
trying to write an essay.

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