Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: I Feel Pretty

If you read my blog regularly, then you know this past Sunday I had a photo shoot with Vixen Pin Up Photography, and Switchblade Betties Photography.  My makeup and hair were all did up to the nines by The Candyshop, and Get Your Locks Off. So, I had to get the most out of all that beauty-magic. When I got home, I threw on one of my favorite dresses, grabbed my family and went out for dinner and drinks, and to take a few pics for the blog.

Mmm, Texas Sweet Tea Cocktail from Cheddar's--- only $3.50 best price ever.

We stopped at a nearby college campus to snap a pic, kind of a weird background, but it was the only green grass that I've seen lately in this hot drought-ish weather.
Still feeling  my inner pin up, and giving a pose exposing the dress's attached crinoline
I've blogged about these shoes before, read about them in detail HERE. They were a thrifty find.
Budget Breakdown:
Dress with attached belt;  $29.99  Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes:  $8.00 Thrifted
Hair flower:  $8.00  Retro Vixen
Grand Total of only: $45.99   Not too Shabby!

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  1. The places with green grass make me wonder what kind of tricks they're doing--are they dyeing it!? Haha, anyway, you look gorgeous! I love the flower in your hair!