Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Take Me Back Tuesday: Ticker Tape Parade

Labor day weekend is coming! I am super excited because I will be working at the Retro Vixen booth at Greaserama, a fantastic classic car show that also has tons of super cool vendor booths.  Also, I will be helping out along side some pretty fantastic ladies, so it is going to be really fun.

Labor day (especially during an election year) always reminds me of Santacaligon Days in 1992.  Santacaligon days is an annual festival in Independence, MO, its like a big carnival/fair only no animals.   My family used to go every year, mostly to shop the craft booths, I used to LOVE country style decorating when I was a kid.. I was kind of a dork like that.  

Well in 1992, it was an extra special Santacaligon festival.  It was an election year and the democratic nominee, Bill Clinton, was going to give a speech.  My family is born and bread democrats and they were not going to miss this!   I remember there was an amazing parade of sorts with  police cars, confetti, balloons, all in anticipation for the black limo to cruise down the street.  Clinton's campaign theme song was being glared from speakers, "Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow," by Fleetwood Mac.  To this day, when I hear that song, I am instantly brought back to that moment of anticipation in 1992. We had a good spot, right on the curb with no one in front of us.  I was pretty entranced with watching the secret service men in their suits, talk to each other with their ear-pieces and walkie-talkies.

Then, the limousine came.  I didn't really understand  what was going on, and why the people inside of the car were so important, but the energy and excitement surrounding me was catching.  When the limo passed the windows were rolled down, and a handsome, salt and pepper hair colored man, wearing a navy suit, white dress shirt, and red tie was waving.  I was waving back, and then I remember, he looked right at me, winked, smiled and waved.  It was exhilarating, my first encounter with a famous person, and not just any famous person, the future president.  That may have been the moment I became a Democrat in my heart...LOL.

Say what you want about Bill Clinton, and his politics, or argue with me over  being Republican or Democrat... but you can't deny that President Clinton, had an astounding charismatic way about him. That day was truly a very exciting day for me, and it  is ingrained in my memory forever.


  1. I had my year wrong when I firt published this post this morning, as I was driving, running doing errands, it dawned on me that I forgot the 4 years that George Bush Senior was president. So I corrected it to 1992! LOL

  2. Devyn--I got so excited when I read this post. In that year, I was a single mom with three little girls and I took them down to be part of the crowd and to hear "Bill" speak. Another blue voter in a Red state here.

    1. How fun Terri! I was only 11 then but I am grateful that my grandparent's brought me to see him that day. There is some blue in KS! BTW.. I am working on that leibster post, you asked difficult questions~ :)