Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Asian Inspiration

Wow, this past few days have been crazy.  So crazy that I missed two of my weekly posts, eeek! I realized today is Wednesday and that I almost didn't get to this post.  Wardrobe Wednesday is one of my favorite posts to prepare each week.  I love talking about clothes, shopping, and bargains.  I honestly feel that a gal can look super cute even with the smallest of budgets..I mean, my wardrobe budget is pretty dang tiny.

This week's dress was a super amazing thrift store find. It is a darling kimono-ish mini dress by Tulle.  Tulle is an adorable clothing line that is usually sold at places like, or little independent boutiques.  Tulle dresses are beautifully made and usually come with a fair but a bit high price tags. So when I found this baby at a thrift shop, looking practically brand new and for about 90% less than the normal retail price, I squealed.. really loudly ... in public.

The dress didn't need much added to make a cute outfit, thanks to its bold colors and pattern.  I just threw my hair in a bun an added a home-made hair flower, and stepped into some ropey sandal wedges and I was good.  I am pretty sure this dress will lend itself as a fall transition piece as well, I could easily add a pair of skinny jeans under it.
Budget Breakdown:
 Dress by Tulle   $6.49  Thrifted from Savers
Hair accessory $2 for supplies to make it
Shoes  $14.99 from Burlington Coat Factory
That's a grand total of only $23.48!  Not too Shabby


  1. What a cute dress!! I'd squeal for joy too if I found it for less than $7!! Great find!

  2. This dress was a great Savers find--I love the print on it!

  3. Thanks Ladies! This might be my thrifty find of the year!