Sunday, August 26, 2012

5 Things that Made this Week Fabulous: PinUp Photo Shoot Edition

Today was a fabulous overload day... a double photo shoot day with Vixen Pin-Up Photography and Switchblade Betties Pin-Up  Photography.

1. Professional  hair and makeup!  Makeup by the supremely talented makeup artist, Miss Candy Cunningham.  I doubt there is anyone who can do pin-up makeup better than Candy.  She totally transforms ladies, and makes it look easy.   Check out her facebook page, The Candy Shop.  She shares amazing beauty and makeup tips all the time. Hair by  the adorable  Shari from Get Your Locks Off, and Dizzy Dames.  This lady is gorgeous and has mad hair-doing skillz!

This is a quick pic my hubby snapped after the photo shoot,
check out my amazing hair and makeup!

2. The shoot was located at my friend, Melissa's, house.  Her house is decorated like a swanky mid-century party pad, so fun for a photo shoot, and her back yard has a sweet in-ground pool. Basically, her house is pin-up paradise. Also, there were some adorable little fur babies on set to cuddle with in between hair, makeup, and set changes. 
Kowalski and I taking a self-cell-phone-camera portrait

3. The always fab,  Miss Katty Delux, was on hand to help all the ladies find the perfect outfits for their shoots,  when she wasn't busy being helpful  we got to sit around and speak our "secret Ermahgerd" language... ERMAHGERD IR LURVE KURTER  DERLURX.
The always gorgeous Katty DeLux, Pin Up and Blogger at Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth

4.  This was my first time working with photographer- Grant, of SwitchBlade Betties, and he was a lot of fun, kind of a jokester, and I love to laugh. Also he takes some good pictures, can't wait to see my final photos and share them with you.

5. Being photographed by Nikki of Vixen Pin Up Photography is beyond fabulous.  Nikki is such an artist and sweet heart.  She knows a woman's body and knows how to pose it in the most flattering angles. She is also one of the most warm-hearted people I've ever met, she is totally sensitive to any insecurities a girl could have, and totally knows how bring out  the inner-confidence in her


  1. I need to learn this language. Thanks to Katty's recommendation, my daughters and I are planning a pin-up day, although it may take me a while to save up the dough for it. My daughters are all on board with it. Can't wait to see the final photos.