Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 things that made this week Fabulous

This has been the last week of summer vacation for my kiddos, Shaylee will start 4th grade on Wednesday and Will is starting Pre-K on Thursday.  This summer has gone by in a whirl wind.. well except the last two weeks because I'm not gonna lie.. my kids have been driving me a little cray cray and momma is ready for them to get back into the school year routine!  Anyway, here is 5 things that made THIS week fabulous:

1.  IT RAINED!!  This has been one of the hottest, driest summers I can ever remember. Every thing is dead and brown outside and so unbelievably hot, the rain was so welcomed!  It brought some cooler amazing temperatures to Kansas City.  I had almost forgotten what non 100+ degree temps felt like.

2.  I have clocked in about 13 or so hours watching Mad Men on Netflix this week.  I LOVE it, I am obsessed and I am actually watching right now as I am blogging.  I want to be Joan Holloway/ Harris when I grow up!

3. We went to our local county fair and had such a fun time!  Shaylee and I got to play the Road Show Game Show, Will had fun looking and petting all of the farm animals, and I got to eat the best tasting (and biggest) corn dog ever!

4.  With fall creeping up and lower night temperatures, I have been having a cup of hot tea each night before bed. I have discovered that  Celestial Seasonings "Bengal Spice" herbal tea + a tbs of  Bailey's Caramel flavor coffee creamer + teaspoon of honey =  deliciousness in a cup! The smell of the combined yummies is something that Yankee candles would like to re-create and the taste is even better.

5.  Today was closing-for-the-season day at our local pool.  My friends and I made it a point to be there for the very last minute.  We enjoyed spiked soda's and had some great laughs... and best of all the snack bar put the potato chips on clearance for only 25 cents!  It was a great pool season, its kind of sad to see it end, but we ended it well.
My kids and my friends' kids with their bargain chips!

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