Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Funday

I have a very expressive face, it's a curse and a blessing.  I am pretty good at easily conveying emotion in my face which helped out in my theater  and choir pursuits in school, also it helps me to get good pictures taken because I can easily control what my face is doing.  Its a curse because its next to impossible for me at times to hide my thoughts and emotions... they show up on my face without even trying... so if I don't like a person, or I'm mad, or I'm not impressed people can tell, and it has gotten me in trouble or caught up in drama on occasion. On the other hand, it makes it really difficult for me to be fake, which is wonderful.. with me what you see is what you get.

Anyway... since this is Sunday Funday I thought I would share the "ugly" side of my face to give you something to giggle about!  I have a talent for making funny faces.   I love making funny faces. When I'm feeling down, making funny faces in the mirror, or taking funny pictures with my cell phone always makes me giggle and makes me feel better!  Enjoy!

Hope you got a good laugh, or at least a grin!  If not, go make some crazy faces of your own, I promise it will lift your spirits.  I think it's good to not take things too seriously all the time, and let yourself be silly from time to time... or more!

(I added this one, just so you remember me like this.. not like the above photos! Haha!)

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