Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Take Me Back Tuesday: Model Me

This week, I received my copy of the July issue of The Cat's Meow Magazine. My picture happens to be in it.  Pretty exciting stuff!  A few years ago when I was wearing size 18 jeans and lacking any personal confidence, I would have never, ever believed that there would ever be a picture of me, in a magazine, wearing a swimsuit, and looking pretty dang good.  However, my younger self, the 5-year-old version, probably would have expected it.  Little Devyn happened to be a "runway model!"  

In 1986, my local Dillard's department store had a contest.  Parents could submit photos of their children to be considered for modeling.  One lucky boy and girl from each grade level would be selected by judges, hundreds would enter, few would win.  I won!  My mom picked a picture of me wearing my dance costume, a shiny black and silver leotard made to look like a tuxedo and a heavily glittered silver  top hat.  The photo was taken at KMart's photo studio and had also been selected to be displayed in the studio's waiting room.  It was a good picture, I will have to search for it and share it with you sometime.

My prize was getting to model for a runway show featuring Back to School  fashions in the Dillard's children's department.   I modeled an adorable Spumoni sweats-outfit:  a pink sweat shirt with a puffy painted happy green dragon stretching from the middle of the sweatshirt, all the way down the right sleeve,  on the back of the dragon were adorable little teddy bears using the dragon's tale as a slide.  The shirt was paired  with a matching  sweat-skirt, with a teddy bear at the hem line.  I also modeled some classic Osh Kosh BeGosh overalls.   In the words of RuPaul, " I WERKED"  that runway too.  Most of the kids just acted shy and walked down quickly and then back.. I put my hand on my hip and did a proper pivot turn and smiled big.
This is an example of  a fine Spumoni piece of fashion, you can purchase it HERE on Etsy.

That little girl deserved to grow up and be confident.  I may have lost my way for a few years, but I  am happy to have finally become the woman she was destined to be!


  1. You're a natural! I love the magazine photo and may this just be the first of many to come.

    1. Thanks Terri! I really appreciate your faithful reading and comments!

  2. That is awesome!! Congratulations on the magazine feature. You look stunning, by the way!