Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Take Me Back Tuesday: A Look Back at my Baby Girl

My baby girl is turning 9 years old this Friday.  It is pretty strange to be the mom of a "tween-aged" child.  Watching my kids grow up so quickly is like watching Father Time sprint by at Olympic record breaking speed.  So, on this week's "Take me Back Tuesday," I thought it would be fun to slow down, and take a look back at some of my favorite pictures of little-miss, Shaylee.

Hospital Pic

8 mos old

Bath time fun age 1 and a half
Dancin' age 2
Ariel the Mermaid, mommy-made costume age 2

almost 3, bringing a flower to mommy

Princess on her 4th birthday

a fabulous 5th birthday

My 7 year old Cheer-leader

 Last  August, 8 years old

This is my beautiful girl today, well a couple weeks ago at least.

Well, now I am all verklempt and teary eyed, looking through all those pics!  I wonder how much Shaylee will change this year, what will 10 look like?  I admire her confidence and her sense of  knowing who she is.  I hope she never looses that, this girl has a lot to offer the world.  I am proud to be her mom... happy birthday Shaylee!

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