Thursday, June 21, 2012

Watch This Flick

If there was ever a movie that changed my life, it is the movie "Click," with Adam Sandler.  It's a comedy, with a lesson; enjoy every moment life has to offer, don't wish it away.

At the time the movie came out in 2006, Geoff and I were going through one of life's rough patches.  The church he was working for (yeah, I used to be a Pastor's wife.. weird huh)  had drastically cut his salary to next to nothing, the senior pastor was incredibly harsh to work for (think Kevin Spacey in Terrible Bosses) and we were desperate to move on.  Finding a job in any job market is difficult but finding a good job in ministry is next to impossible. The process takes an insanely long amount of time, because every body has to take time to pray about everything.. send your resume.. they read it, they pray over it.. call you on the phone.. they pray about it, come meet with the senior pastor.. pray pray pray... then meet with the hiring committee.. pray.. then the church body talks it over.. pray... then the hiring committee meets again... ugh, its exhausting just typing it.  Anyway, Geoff and I had been through this process 3 or 4 times, only to be told, "we're going in a different direction."  I had my heart broken several times, I had gained a ton of weight, and I was depressed.

I found myself wishing my life away, thinking, "when I am finally out of Michigan I will be happy," or "If Geoff could just get a new job, I will be happy" or "If I could loose 20 pounds, I'd be happy.."  I was so busy living in the "someday" I forgot all the wonderful little things "today" had to offer.  Shaylee was an adorable little toddler back then, and I missed out on alot of memories I could have made with her.  I was living my life half alive, on auto pilot, just going through the motions.

When I saw "Click" I totally related with Adam Sandler's character, I won't go into detail, in case you haven't seen it yet.  I had never cried so much during a FUNNY movie in my life.  Ever since I saw that movie, I vowed to appreciate every bit of my life, even the crappy times. You'll never hear me say, "Is it Friday yet?" or " I just can't wait til..." or " I'll be happy when..."  these days. 

If you haven't seen the movie.. watch it, I am pretty sure its available on netflix... here's theTRAILER .

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