Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: "Hangover Couture"

Saturday Night, leading up to Sunday's hangover.
Saturday night I went to a beautiful wedding and an insanely wild, fun, memorable reception. There was an open bar and my kiddos were spending a whole 24 hours with my mom.  Needless, to say I cut loose.  Sunday I was feeling much more "subdued."  I didn't feel like putting much effort into my outfit, but still wanted to look cute for a late lunch date of tacos and guacamole at one of KC's best Mexican eateries, Ponak's on Southwest Blvd, with my hubby hub. We had to enjoy the last few hours of free baby-sitting even if I had a huge headache.  

Anyway... this is the greatest hangover outfit.  It's the greatest outfit for whenever you don't feel 100%, or when you just need to throw on something easy  and look good too.  If you don't have a maxi-dress-- get one!! They are so comfy.. like wearing a night gown.   They are super flattering and hide a multitude of sins ad/or a bloated tummy.

  I styled my maxi with messy hair, because I wasn't feeling like exerting any effort,  big sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes, super flat gladiator sandals, a beaded bib necklace for fun, and my big old summer time bag.  The outfit has a beach vibe and is perfect for lazy hazy summer days.

Budget Breakdown:
Sunglasses: $5.00 from The Clothes Mentor
Necklace:  $5.00 from  a hospital gift shop ( a gift from my mom who is a nurse at the hospital)
Maxi Dress: $19.00  Marshall's
Sandals: $12 from some random shoe store that is now long gone from the mall
Bag:  Too old to remember where I got it and how much it cost.

Basically this outfit costs around $41 bucks... not too shabby


  1. LOVE it Devyn! You're the Queen of ALL things fashion and budget. You GO GIRL!!!!