Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School is out and the Pool is open!!!!

My little blue house is conveniently located a short walk or bike ride down a paved walking path from a fantastic city pool.  My family takes full advantage... we go to the pool practically every day.

Shaylee and I today at the Pool
The pool opened this weekend for the 2012 season.  As I lay in my lounge chair and watched my kids play in the shallow end of the pool a very surreal feeling came over me.  A WHOLE, ENTIRE school year had passed since the last time I was lounging by the poolside... yet in that moment it felt like no time had passed.  It was a very strange feeling. 
Shaylee and I last year, hanging out poolside

I am excited for this pool season.  Shaylee is already jumping off the diving board like a champ, and Will is so much taller this year, he can go much farther in without the water going over his head.   My favorite summer days are spent in a lounge chair next to my friends, chit-chatting and people watching, while my kids have fun and get some good exercise.   Summertime just wouldn't be the same without the pool!
Will and Geoff playing in the water the first evening of the 2012 season

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